Kindekeklein hanging cradles

“A cradle that swings and bounces with a people- and planet-friendly design”

You want the best for your baby. Lots of sleep is one of the most important things you can offer your baby during the first few months.


The Kindekeklein hanging cradle both swings and bounces: motions your infant remembers from the womb. This helps your baby fall asleep effortlessly. And should your baby wake up, a soft nudge and some rocking is all it takes to send him or her back to sleep.


Your baby can sleep day and night in the cradle until the age of about 6 to 9 months. You can suspend your cradle indoors from the ceiling or outdoors from a tree in the warm summer months.


Our cradles are made using only natural materials such as jute, unpainted wood and 100% organic cotton.


Your cradle comes complete with a ergonomic mattress made from coconut fibres, recycled wool and a removable organic cotton cover.

Hanging baby cradle Kindekeklein®Suspended cradle Kindekeklein®Twin cradle Kindekeklein®

hanging cradle

hanging/standing cradle

twin cradle

To make sure no child labour was involved in the production process our cradles are made in Holland.


The hanging cradle is safe and reliable: we deliver to nurseries and hospitals and follow the NEN-EN 1130 safety norms for cradles.

Why choose the Kindekeklein cradle?



Short of space in your bedroom? See how designer family Larson solved this in their tiny appartment in East Village in New York.
















We ship ALL over the world!

For example:

USA (42 USD), Canada (52 CAD), Australia (72 AUD)

For other countries: send us an email with the products you desire. We will send you the exact shipping costs.

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Now Available!!

Flexicradle in antracite grey.

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NEW!  coco mattress

Our cradles come with ergonomic mattresses made from coco-fibres wrapped in recycled wool.

For a 100% natural sleep!


Dear Danielle and Andreas,
Tuesday 8th of January our little girl Florine Luca has been born. She now enjoys her beautiful cradle every day and sleeps like a rose.
Another very satisfied customer!
During the day her cradle stands on the couch and at night she hangs next to our bed.

Robin, Jacqueline & Florine

Nine-months Babyfair

Kindekeklein was present on this prestigeous babyfair in Amsterdam.

Click on the picture for a brief but very soporific video impression.















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